All 1 movie Review


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

To be honest i didn't have trouble following the story at all. in fact the complete opposite. i could tell what was going on by how the characters were interacting. sure some things made me go "why did this happen" or "why did he/she do that?" but its the first episode (i presume?) so i expect not to know a lot with whats going on until more episodes appear. now for sound effects and music, i really like it. it makes me feel like I'm watching an Atari game. which in my opinion is cool. the music fit in great, and not cause it was full of bleeps and bloops, but because it fit the mood for what was going on. the visual style is great and i love how they are all basic shapes. The way you move and transform them is cool, like with the squinting of one character. only thing id say is the shading felt a bit off at times like the shadow of the characters hood. all in all i think it was great and can't wait to see more :)