T-Shirts now Available!

2017-02-21 16:12:57 by Soulmentor

My brother and I have some T-Shirt designs on amazon!

Not alot of designs are uploaded at the moment, but more will become available!




My brothers: 



And if you like these designs please share and spread everywhere so others may find and enjoy this as well!


2016-07-14 00:01:55 by Soulmentor

I've been kinda dead for a while, havn't I? well i would like that to change.

At the moment i am interested in doing mall collab drawings with people who are interested!!

All you have to do is PM me (so i can keep track) that your interested and we can discuss what the collab will be about and how it will be done.

I am working on other stuff at the same time, so i will be limited to how many i can do, most likely it'll be 5 or less. it won't be a "first message first serve", i'll chose which ones that i think would be the most interesting and fun for both partners. when i find the 5 or less people to collab i'll make a new update, but until then...

Have any questions? or just wanna chat?  send a PM and i'll reply ASAP!



2016-06-08 17:36:46 by Soulmentor

Would anyone be interested in posting links to my stream when i stream?


2016-06-07 19:46:10 by Soulmentor

Welp, here goes a new base of Operations...